Crucial Rules to Abide by When Creating a Logo

When Creating a Logo

On the surface level, creating a logo seems like an easy task. After all, you can use any free logo maker software available. Moreover, there are free online logo maker and download options available as well.

If you use a free logo download, you might not get the best and most impactful logo. But, for small businesses who don’t wish to invest energy in creating a logo, using free logo design templates is a good enough option as well.

Regardless of whether you use a logo maker generator or a designer, there are certain rules you must abide by. Here are the most important rules for you to follow.

Do your initial work

You should have a rough idea about how your logo should look like. Create a sketch or a rough drawing of your logo. If you are using a logo maker generator or an online software, try to mimic the design as much as possible. If you are getting a professional to make a logo, this initial work will help in providing direction to the designer.

Decide on the colors

Your logo will have colors and you must choose them wisely. In the business world, each color means something. For instance, purple means royalty and red showcases urgency. However, remember to only have three colors in your logo. This is the law of color that all big brands try to follow.

Make a simple design

Your logo should be recognizable regardless of what size it is in. Remember that you would need to use your logo in letterheads, billboards and another form of communication. This is why selecting a simple design is key. Simple designs generally translate well into different sizes.

A nod to company’s value

Your logo doesn’t necessarily have to be just a symbol. It can be your company’s story. It can be used to tell about your company’s value and beliefs. It all depends on how creative you can get with it. There is no rule about how you can do so. Get as creative as you can.


Understand the importance of a logo. Remember that it is the identity of your brand. It is via which your customers recognize your products and services from an aisle which has various other brands. Once you understand its importance, you will automatically wish to make the effort required to create an impactful logo.

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